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My mother attended Cass Technical High School, a Detroit Public School. While at Cass, she had several Art Teachers who caused her severe harm. 


One teacher told her that she would never be an artist. 


Another teacher, her architecture teacher, said: “This building is plain, like Ms. Anderson.” 


After leaving Cass, my mother attended Osborn High School. But the damage from those teachers would last a lifetime. My talented mother does not consider herself an artist. She would say: “I’m just an Occupational Therapist who paints.”


Today is her 60th Birthday, and I need your help. I need 10 people to purchase this print. It's my favorite and I call it, “Eve,” But I don't want you to purchase it out of pity. I want you to buy it and hang it in your home, office, shop, or storefront to prove to her what I have been telling her my whole life: 

She IS an Artist!

Limited Edition Print: Eve by CKA 11x17 Print on Cardstock

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