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The Diversity Library Audit can be done in a classroom or school library. This audit can be done by students or Educators. 

You will receive the:

Why Diverse Books Matter Presentation 

  • Prior to conducting the audit, engage students in a discussion about diversity and why diverse books matter with the 7 slide presentation.

  • 5 slides feature questions for large group discussion. 

  • Powerpoint & PDF Download  (View Thank you page for Links)

Diversity Audit 

  • This 2 page resource features a Diversity Library Audit. This 2 sided handout features 19 categories for diversity and culturally relevant texts.

  • Refer to the Directions and Recommendation page  of the PDF

  • PDF Download

Culturally Relevant Text Rubric

  • This 1 page resource features a likert scale for evaluating individual texts for cultural relevancy to the reader. 

Library Recommnedation 

Students are encouraged to research and recommend books that are diverse or culturally relevant with this 1 page resource


Please do not share or alter resources.

Email me at: with any typos 

Diversity Audit & Presentation

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