Who we serve

Our mission is to provide students with culturally relevant and responsive education and materials. Historically, African-Americans have struggled for educational equality and equity in the United States which includes being forced to attend segregated, underfunded, and overcrowded public schools.


Teaching it Trill strives to create Culturally Relevant curriculum and highly engaging professional developments in order to have a positive impact on the education experiences of black and brown students across America.









What we believe 


At Teaching it Trill, we believe:

  • That all students have the right to a high quality and equitable education.

  • That the role of race and racism is a factor in the Education system and most be eradicated. 

  • The all Educators must be Activists.

Meet the "T" in Trill

Toriè J. Anderson, the owner of Teaching it Trill,

  is a native Detroitor, Educator, Author, Writer,

literacy advocate, and Activist. She holds a

Bachelor of Science in English Language

Literature and Writing, a Master of Arts in

Education, and a Master of Education in

Literacy Studies and a Grant Proposal

Writing Certification from the University of

Notre Dame. She is a self-proclaimed

"Trill-Teacher" who aims to disrupt the school to prison pipeline and dismantle systematic racism in Education within her lifetime. She is the author of Revolutionary Girls, a picture book which encourages young girls and women to speak out about social issues, the host of Teacher Talk Podcast and the facilitator of Always Write Grant Proposal Writing Workshops.

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