Trill: An adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be “True” and “Real”. 

Ex: The teacher always kept it trill with her class. 


At Teaching it Trill, we believe that all students have the right to a high quality and equitable education. Our mission is to provide students with culturally relevant and responsive education and materials. We also believe in advocating for literacy in order to encourage students reading engagement and reading achievement as a method to close the white-black achievement gap.


Toriè J. Anderson, the owner of Teaching it Trill,  is a native Detroitor, urban educator, author, writer, literacy advocate, and educational activist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English Language Literature and Writing, a Master of Arts in Education, and a Master of Education in Literacy Studies. 

Emergency  3 Week ELA Packet Grades 6-8

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Emergency  3 Week ELA Packet Grades 9-12

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